Road Trains of Australia take health and safety seriously to protect our employees and the clients we serve. Our Health and Safety Management Systems are in line with industry standards, and we use the latest technology. We strictly enforce procedures and continually set high standards to achieve industry best practice in safety systems, technology and environmental management.


All of our prime movers are fully accredited with the relevant State and Territory authority.

  • Main Roads Department of Western Australia

  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

  • Truck Safe

Health & Safety Programs

We care about our employees and want them to get home safely after every shift. Our management team are proactively involved in training employees to adhere to safety standards, rules and regulations.

Performance Measuring and Monitoring

Management meet regularly to review daily operations and upcoming projects. These discussions help us review, and ensure continual improvement of, our safety standards.

Employee safety training sessions are held regularly along with site and vehicle inspections to help us provide a safe workplace for everyone.

Environmental Management

RTA is committed to continuously improving environmental efficiency wherever possible, and reducing our usage of natural resources like water and other raw materials as much as possible:

  • We support the efforts of government in working towards a sustainable environment.

  • We make sure that the products we use have minimal impact on the environment.

  • We carefully follow best practices in waste management.